Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the platform for?

Our system/platform been designed to accommodate true LTL shippers... There are companies of all types and sizes that have been using this platform to drive inbound, outbound, returns and special project freight and we're finding more and more applications each and every day.

How does the platform work?

If you have ever booked a flight on the internet you already know how it works... You simply enter the basic criteria of your shipment, select the appropriate carrier (based on transit times and rates) and submit your shipment to our operations group.

Where can it best be optimized?

The "envelope of opportunity" includes traditional LTL shipments that range between 100# and 6000# - if you keep your requests within that range you'll achieve the best rating results.

The platform as a whole however, can best be optimized when it is used to gain control as a compliance vehicle - we have a number of situations where we've used to manage "uncontrolled" freight.

How did you arrive at these carriers?

Our carrier mix includes national, regional and micro-regional carriers and we've assembled them to provide you an optimal blend of service and coverage.

We adhere to a detailed qualification process in which all potential carriers must demonstrate that they have an adequate service range, a strong record of quality customer service, and can provide competitive rates that will strengthen our system.

How do you arrive at these rates?

The rates we've made available come from leveraging our collective spend... If you reveal these competitive rates to ANY third party (including your carrier sales reps) AND/OR contact any of the carriers directly, we run the risk of losing that carrier and you run the risk of having your account closed permanently.

Do these rates include current fuel charges?

Yes - the rates do include fuel but you MUST enter actual class to get an accurate rate

How do you handle lineal charges?

Lineal charges can and may apply when the length and/or size of your shipment consumes more than 12 feet of the trailer. You can contact our operations team directly (for pricing and options) when these scenarios arise.

How do you handle extreme length charges?

Extreme length charges can and may apply when any one piece of your shipment exceeds more than 12 feet of the trailer (flagpoles, railings, etc.). You must key in the "dims" of these pieces to arrive at current and accurate rates.

How do I figure out my freight class?

Freight class is determined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association. Identifying class can be accomplished by purchasing a National Motor Freight Classification (nmfc) book or consulting the Savesystem Help Desk. NMFTA determines class of items by three major freight characteristics: density, value, and fragility of the commodity. Density has the biggest impact on class and the Savesystem Class Estimator uses density exclusively to help give you as accurate of an estimate as possible with limited data input. Freight class ranges from class 50 to class 500. The higher the class the more expensive per pound to ship. Common commodity extreme examples are: bricks (class 50), ping pong balls (class 500). Contrary to broad belief, most commodities are not at either extreme and land between class 60 and class 125.

Can I change or cancel shipment?

Yes - however, you will need to call our office directly.

How do I know that my shipment went through?

You'll receive an e-mail response that confirms your shipment AND the bill of lading is proof that we've received it. You can also check your order history and if you need absolute assurance that we've received your order you can go ahead and call us at 866-868-3230.

Do I have to use the BOL that has been generated?

Yes - you must use our BOL (to to ensure accurate tracking and billing) but your own paperwork may still accompany.

How do trace and track my shipments?

You can use the pro# provided by the carrier and track your shipments on that carrier's web site or call the SAV office for direct tracking assistance.

How do you handle billing and claims issues?

All billing is between your company and ours and there is no reason to contact the carrier whatsoever. Our Standard Billing Terms for this Online Platform are Net Fifteen

All claims are between you and the carrier but we are happy to facilitate - each carrier has a different criteria for claims and claims processing.

If and when you do file a claim through us, you will be required to use our standard claims form and adhere to our uniform claims process (see terms & conditions online). If you do not use the claims form and/or do not fully complete it we cannot process the claim for you.

Is your system so automated that I can't get in touch with real people?

No - we offer a high-tech/high-touch value proposition and you may contact our customer service group at any time. If you enter a non-typical shipment that resides outside of the regular "envelope of opportunity" our people may contact you as well.

Who do I get a hold of when I do have a claims, service or technical issue?

If you encounter service or technical issues or would like us to set up additional users, you may contact our customer service group online or by phone at 866-868-3230.